Welcome to the Isle of Rum - Small Isles, Inner Hebrides, Scotland.
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Isle of Rum Visitor Charter *Update May 2021*

Keeping the Small Isles SafeThe Rum Community loves to welcome visitors, but this year we must do so ‘at a distance’. Our community has worked hard to control Covid-19 and it is vital that we continue to do so, whilst also ensuring the safety of our visitors.  We are a remote community with good, but geographically challenging health care provision and so it is important that we mitigate the risks associated with any re-introduction of visitors to the area. Everyone must play their part to protect one another.

Please follow this guidance for a pleasant and safe visit when the time comes:

Travelling to the Isle of Rum

  • If you are planning on visiting Rum in the coming months, please keep up to date with the latest travel advice from the UK or your own government. https://www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19
  • Please don’t travel if you have Covid-19 symptoms
  • Social distancing measures are now being implemented on the ferry and therefore this service is limited in the number of passengers that can travel. Booking ahead is essential. www.calmac.co.uk
  • It is now mandatory to wear a face mask on the ferry.

On Arrival at Rum

  • We ask that you respect social distancing guidance on arrival and throughout your time spent on Rum.
  • The pier is likely to be busy with supplies and deliveries arriving and residents carrying out essential duties. Please keep any interaction with local people on the pier to a minimum to allow them to carry out these essential tasks safely.
  • We advise that you keep your face mask on when arriving on Rum as the pier can be busy at ferry arrival and departure times.
  • Guidance on Covid-19 is changing regularly. We will use signage to keep visitors updated on what this means for the island. Please observe the guidance on signage when you arrive and throughout your visit.


For the safety of our visitors and residents, many facilities that Rum has to offer are still currently restricted or unavailable.

  • The Visitor Centre, Village hall, Kinloch Castle and Dibidil and Guirdil mountain bothies remain closed.

  • Rum Shop – face masks must be worn in the shop at all times. Contact rumshop@email.com for more information
  • ‘Kim’s Kitchen’ at the village hall will be operating as a takeaway with meals delivered by prior arrangement. Contact isleofrumteashop@gmail.com for further information
  • Moorings – are now available.
  • Toilets – Public toilets on the island are at the campsite
  • Ranger Service – The ranger service is currently unavailable. Contact rumrangerkat@gmail.com


There is currently limited accommodation available on the island.

  • The Bunkhouse, Camping Cabins and Campsite are now open. Dibidil and Guirdil MBA bothies remain closed

  • Bramble Bothy and Ivy Cottage are now OPEN. Booking is essential.
  • Please contact your accommodation provider in advance of your visit to make a booking.
  • In order to enjoy your stay on Rum during this time, please adhere to any specific local guidance from your accommodation provider.
  • Remember that staff will have an increased workload with additional cleaning, please be patient.

Considerations While on the Island

  • Wash your hands regularly during your visit and carry and maintain use of hand sanitiser.
  • Observe cough etiquette, social distancing and mask wearing rules.
  • Do not enter any properties or gardens that are not clearly open, public spaces.
  • Please keep dogs on a lead at all times.
  • Please follow all instructions provided when using the facilities that are available.
  • Please give residents the space required to get about their daily tasks safely.
  • Please use the bins and recycling facilities at the pier to dispose of all waste.

Page updated March 2021

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