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Ranger Kat's Goodbye


This is not an easy update for me to make and it is with great sadness that I must say I am stepping down from the role as IRCT’s Community Ranger. I am very flattered and grateful to have been given this opportunity and it saddens me to have to leave.

It was not a decision that was easy to make however unforeseen circumstances have forced me to do so. I love the Isle of Rum, I find its community inspiring, its landscape and history fascinating, wildlife and natural heritage diverse and abundant. I had looked forward to helping visitors see some of what this incredible gem of the small isles has to offer and how environmentally important it is now that things are opening up again.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the residents, peers, volunteers and visitors for their support during this curious, and challenging, year past. I wish everyone the absolute best for the future and very much hope my relationship with the Isle of Rum does not end here.

To those of you hoping to visit the Isle of Rum whether it is a new exploration or a familiar home from home I hope you discover what a truly special and magical place it is and most of all have fun on Rum!

All the best for the future, Kat

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