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Goats at Harris (c) Ali Morris

There are approximately 250 feral goats on Rum and the main groupings of them are at Harris in the west and along the southern cliffs. They are also found in the north-western glens of Guirdil and Shellesder, where they frequent the rocky shorelines feeding on seaweed and the short grasses of the cliffs. In recent years they have also been seen, in good weather, right up into the Rum cuillin mountain range.
Rum Goat kid (c) Sean Morris
The goats on Rum are the feral descendants of those owned by the inhabitants before the Highland Clearances, when their fur was collected and sold on for use in wig making. During the Bullough years, attempts were made to improve the stock for stalking purposes and several introductions were made.
The Rum goats are unusual because they breed twice a year and it is quite possible for nannies to have kids in both January and August.

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