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Rum is a great place to come and see insects. The many lochs, burns and pools provide perfect breeding habitat for a number of species of dragonflies and damselflies. The large dragon flies can easily be seen hawking around the island in the summer months. 

Red Admiral (c) Jim MorrisBurnet moth (c) George LoganThe brightly coloured red and blue damselflies are much daintier and be found on many small pools all over the island. Butterflies are common in the summer and include such species as peacock, red admiral and speckled wood plus the more specialised hill species such as small pearl-bordered fritillary and dark green fritillary.

The night time moths are generally harder to see but the beautiful day flying six spot and transparent burnet moths can be found on well grazed south facing slopes in July.

Rhys being midged (c) George LoganRum’s most famous insect is of course the midge. Millions of these tiny biting insects emerge from their hiding places on calm summer evenings and terrorise both locals and visitors alike forcing them to wear any number of ridiculous lookingEmperor Moth (c) Sean Morris hooded garments and layers of foul smelling greasy midge repellents.

Have a look at the midge forecast here.

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